Planning A Solo Canoe Trip – Pt 4 #blogathon2

So we’ve covered deciding on a timeline, planning your route, and paddle in sites.  Today it’s all about your gear, food,  and making sure that you can carry it. When you’re planning a solo canoe trip its important to remember that everything you do is on your own.  I know that sounds like a obvious […]

Planning A Solo Canoe Trip – Pt 5 #blogathon2

Over the weekend we’ve walked through the process of planning a solo/or really any canoe trip.  We’ve talked about setting your timeline, planning your route, choosing the right gear, and now we’re going to talk about making the right food choices.  If you’ve read all the posts you’re going to notice something with how you […]

The end of a great weekend #blogathon2

Well Blogathon 2 is officially over. This weekend I’ve taught you how to start planning a canoe trip. What you haven’t seen is the things I’ve been doing in the background. I have worked on many aspects of this blog and the social media to go with it. Thanks for being my loyal readers and […]

Planning a Solo Canoe Trip – Pt 2 #blogathon2

So you’ve decided that you are going to do this canoe trip and you are excited to start planning but you have no idea where to start?  That’s OK!  Everyone starts off here :).  You have a few things to decide first before you go headstrong into planning anyways.   These are things we are […]

Planning A Solo Canoe Trip – Pt 3 #Blogathon2

One of the most important aspects of planning ANY trip is when you plan on going. In my case…I’m going June 20-22. This gives me 3 days of paddling. Because I’m going on a Friday to a Sunday some of the major canoe routes may be busier than others so I plan on going up […]

Blogathon 2

Some of you may remember me participating in an event called Blogathon last year. This is a weekend long event that gives me the chance to update/work on my blog and social media. Last year I got a lot done…well really I completely moved my site to a new server :). I also did the […]

Planning A Solo Canoe Trip #blogathon2

This summer I’m planning to embark on my first Solo Canoe trip for my annual birthday trip.  As scared as I am, I’m also very excited.  What am I scared about?  I think I’m scared the most about maybe not being able to hang my pack in the tree well/high enough.  This is a legitimate […]

2014 Toronto Boat Show

Whenever the Toronto Boat Show is on, you know that the canoeing season will begin soon!  This is my second trip to the show and I must say once again I was blown away by the large amount of boats there!  The Boat Show is not necessarily the place to go for canoes, however there […]

Happy Holidays

I want to wish everyone of you a very Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year! I hope that you get everything you wish for and more! See you in January at the Toronto Boat Show sneaking a peek at the 2014 canoes/kayaks!

Happy December!

Hard to believe that another year is almost done!  With December comes…Christmas!  So what do you get the outdoors person in your life for Christmas?  My guess is…like me they have a list of gear that they would love to receive! Here are some suggestions: A Badger Paddle – can be found at Algonquin Outfitters, […]