Planning A Solo Canoe Trip #blogathon2

This summer I’m planning to embark on my first Solo Canoe trip for my annual birthday trip.  As scared as I am, I’m also very excited.  What am I scared about?  I think I’m scared the most about maybe not being able to hang my pack in the tree well/high enough.  This is a legitimate fear as I really don’t want my food to disappear.  Other than that I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait!

I’m writing these posts to take you farther in depth in the planning stages when it comes to a canoe trip.  Last year I did a pre-planning series including a video walk through.  I’ll do that again but this time you’ll see me actually planning my trip step by step.

These are the steps we’re going to cover:

  • deciding my timeline
  • deciding my route
  • deciding on gear (as much as I can before I go)
  • taking all safety issues into account

The steps that I’m taking can be put towards your own canoe trip!  The differences would be, you have a different route or timeline.  After this weekend series I will also have a page up that will give you a variety of route suggestions that you can take into consideration for your own canoe trip within Algonquin Park.

~Enjoy your trip!