2014 Toronto Boat Show

Whenever the Toronto Boat Show is on, you know that the canoeing season will begin soon!  This is my second trip to the show and I must say once again I was blown away by the large amount of boats there!  The Boat Show is not necessarily the place to go for canoes, however there are always one or two companies there to represent the industry.  Swift Canoe, Clearwater Designs, and Necky Kayaks were there to represent the industry!

As far as reveals go…Swift had something to offer everyone for the 2014 season!  They unveiled their 2014 lineup at the show and as always…they did not disappoint!  Meet this years members of the Swift fleet!

1.  Keewaydin 14 Pack Canoe


This boat is by far my favorite!  This streamlined pack canoe is extremely light and offers you enough storage space for the canoe trippers.  It can also have a traditional solo canoe seat instead of the pack seat.  Mike from Swift Canoe (and Badger Paddles) tells us more!


2.  Northern Canoes


The Northern Canoe line is the latest canoe line by Swift.  This is for the recreational canoer who wants a canoe at their cottage or campsite.  It can be used as a tripping canoe too.  These canoes come with either an aluminum or vinyl trim and they have a shoe keel as well.  The Fibreglass canoes weigh 68 lbs and the Expedition Kevlars weigh 54 lbs.

3.  Textreme Carbon Fiber Hull Design

The Textreme Carbon Fiber Hull is pretty cool!  I love the checkerboard look to it!  These canoes are ultra-light and extremely strong.  The Textreme creates a sleek design that still gives you a remarkable strength:weight ratio.

Swift also unveiled a new Kayak model – the Kiwassa 14.  I was so blown away by the Keewadin 14 that I forgot to get pictures lol.  Check out Swift’s Blog for more information about their 2014 line up http://swiftoutdoors.blogspot.ca/2014/01/welcome-to-2014-swift-canoe-kayak-line.html

Clearwater Designs didn’t necessarily unveil a new Kayak or Canoe but they did unveil a new furniture line?  Yes you read right!  ClearWater Designs has created the ultimate recliner!  Best of all, it floats!  Made out of the same material as their recreational Kayaks, the chair and matching table are floatable.   Owner Ian is demonstrating in the picture below :).


Of course there were the usual ski boats, yachts, and seadoos there too!

Well that’s it for the Boat Show.  Next up is the Biannual Blogathon in a week and a half.  After that it’s the Outdoor Adventure Show.

~Enjoy your trip!