To My Dear Readers

This summer I have been fortunate enough to be offered a summer camp position in an urban ESL(English as a Second Language) camp. While this is great news for me career wise, it is a sad day for me site wise. I have decided to step away from the blog for a while so that […]

A Refresher Course if You Will

Happy May 1st! THE ICE IS OUT!!! The long weekend is not far away and for some of us (although not me) that means the first trip of the season is close at hand! Algonquin Park has updated it’s advisory with regards to opening up the back country and Hwy 60 campgrounds. The update is […]

To Connect or Disconnect?

Parks Canada announced that it is looking for bids for contractors to install WiFi Hotspots in up to 50 of it’s parks this year. Now just so you know…that doesn’t necessarily mean campgrounds as Parks Canada has 44 National Parks, 167 National Historic Sites, 4 Marine Conservation Areas and 1 National Urban Park. The reasons […]

Making Your Trip a Rewarding Experience

Going camping is great fun for the whole family.  If its your first trip it can be a little daunting.  Here are some general things to remember when staying within any organized campground. Staying on a hydro site may be more convenient for your hairdryer and tv but do remember they cost more.  You’re here […]

Travel Options – Revisited

Travelling to any Provincial Park is difficult if you don’t have a car at your disposal.  I’m one of those people who rely on other forms of transportation when it comes to getting into Algonquin.  Even though we don’t have the option our ancestors and Tom Thomson did years ago when it comes to getting […]

Ice Out Update

I was up in the Algonquin region yesterday and I’m sad to report that the lakes around where I was were solid ice still. Its still going to be quite awhile until we are able to dip, dip, and swing! What are you doing to keep from going stir crazy?

Needing Some Healing Time In #AlgonquinPark

More than ever before, Algonquin will become my hide away. Before Christmas my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia – which is a blood cancer. It’s been not only a rough road for him but also the rest of our family. Algonquin is known as the wilderness playground. It offers beautiful vista’s, picturesque lakes, and a […]

Why Do I Go to #AlgonquinPark?

People I’ve met over the years have often asked me why Algonquin? What’s so special about it? Those who have been to Algonquin many times get it and understand. It’s hard to describe that feeling I get when I’m in Algonquin. It’s one of peace, serenity, and the feeling of being able to breathe. As […]


With paddle boarding (SUP) increasing popularity every season it’s a difficult market to stand out above the rest! Yet there is a paddle board company that is starting to do just that! We’ve all heard of BluWave or SUPLove…those names are big here Ontario. The problem with those boards (not that it’s a big problem […]

Outdoor Adventure Show #OASToronto

The Outdoor Adventure Show, in my opinion, is the best show to visit in the off-season if you’re a paddler or camper. Everything that you could possibly want or need, whether it’s tripping advice from Algonquin Outfitters or a new canoe or paddle, you can find right here. Sure it’s not every outfitter or canoe […]