A Refresher Course if You Will

Happy May 1st! THE ICE IS OUT!!! The long weekend is not far away and for some of us (although not me) that means the first trip of the season is close at hand! Algonquin Park has updated it’s advisory with regards to opening up the back country and Hwy 60 campgrounds. The update is as follows:

Open on May 2nd: Tea, Kiosk, and Achray campgrounds in addition to Mew Lake (year-round). As well, permits will be issued for the Western Uplands and Highland Backpacking Trails. Be advised there may be flooding in some areas.
Open May 6th: Permits will be issued for interior canoe trips except for Kingscote (southern tip) as there is a washed out culvert making it inaccessible at this time.
Rock Lake and other areas are expected to be open on time for May 10th.
With the camping season starting and the long weekend close at hand, it may be time for a quick refresher course on the rules of the campgrounds….especially the ones pertaining to alcohol bans during the season.

  • Keep the volume of the music and your voices at a respectable level.
  • Drinking Alcohol is only permitted while on your designated campsite. You are not allowed to walk around with it.
  • Take note that 30 parks have an alcohol ban from the second Friday in May until Victoria Day. Other parks may include other long weekends like July 1st and Labour Day. Please check with your park
  • It is against the law to destroy or remove anything from Provincial Parks. I have seen people evicted for cutting down trees for firewood.
  • Make sure that you have a vehicle permit in your car at all times and one on your campsite post
  • The maximum stay is 23 days in a year
  • Pets must remain on a leash and under control. Take note of the no dog signs
  • Only 6 people allowed per site
  • Campfires must be contained within the fire pit
  • No firearms or fireworks allowed
  • Please clean up after yourselves. This environment is on loan to us and we must take care of it to ensure that it’s around for years to come!
  • Some parks may have more specified rules than others! Have fun as we dip our paddles into the lakes this summer and enjoy our times with friends and family.

~Enjoy your trip!