How to Keep Track of Your Gear!

So it’s fall and with it comes the crazy business that is back to school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas preparation. For some of us (like me) it means back to the daily grind. Still that doesn’t mean that you have to “vacate” the camping mood. For some of you, it could mean going for a trip this winter down south or some of you might even give winter camping a try! The big thing is though that even in this “off-season” you should know where each piece of your gear is so that you have easy access if you quickly decide to take a trip.

This is where a gear inventory comes in handy. This is especially important if you are like me and you have gear in two different homes. Part of my gear is up north and the other part is here in the city. So how do I keep track?

I write down every piece of gear I purchase on a spreadsheet. This way every year I can check off that I have put it away or I can state that it got damaged or sold. This makes my life so much easier! We have a large number of tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, and Thermarests. Each sleeping bag is rated for a different temperature, the Thermarests vary in thickness, and our tents vary in sizes. I want to know that I’m using the right gear at the right time of year.

How you set up your inventory is up to you. I have it saved on my computer but I know someone who has it laminated so that they can easily write down which trip dates they took the gear. All you need to do is make it work for you!

I apologize for being absent on the blog lately but this is always a busy time of year for me as I change my schedule from 1 day a week in the summer to 5/6 days a week during the school year.

~Enjoy your trip!