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This weekend I had the chance to use my new Eureka Chrysalis Tent, which is a hammock that includes a tent sleeve.  The Chrysalis can be used as a hammock or a tent, it’s really up to you!  I originally saw the tent set up at the Sportsmen Show in Toronto.  I tried it out there and found it interesting.  I then saw it again at the Outdoor Adventure Show and decided I’d have to try it.  This tent is a DREAM!  I’m not that old (just turned 33) but I still have issues sleeping on the ground.  This tent was probably the best nights sleep I had camping in a while.  This is the inside:


So the one downfall I had was that this tent didn’t come with instructions.  Not usually a big deal as setting up a tent isn’t rocket science.  However, because this tent is not your usual tent…I did have some issues.  I ended up having to go online and downloading the pdf instructions, which on my cell phone…were not easy to read.  Once I figured it out…it was fairly easy to put up.  The nylon webbing was kind of slippery on the trees but I made it work.  The flaps on the camper sleeve easily velcro to the ridgeline so that you can have air flowing through the tent…they also attach to the bottom of the hammock if you want to keep warm.


This was the biggest thing for me!  I was able to put my Therma-Rest through the sleeve on the hammock.  This tent was beyond comfortable!  Like a hammock it adjusts according to your body weight.  You are able to comfortably stretch out or curl up like do.  The only issue I had, which is common with hammocks, is that your sleeping bag tends to travel to the middle of the hammock.  A little sewing could fix this or even adding velcro to a piece of flannel will stop that from happening.  As well with that flannel you could use it as a “bottom sheet” and use a blanket instead of a sleeping bag…just unvelcro it from the hammock and wash it after your trip.


We didn’t have any violent weather so I’m unable to fully comment on this however we did have rain and I was extremely dry even with the flaps up.


Overall I’m glad I have that tent!  There were a few issues like set up and it slipping down the tree trunk during the night…but those can be fixed with a little bit of ingenuity.  Had there been instructions with the tent, it would have been up in a flash but that is a minor detail.  If you get motion sickness I would not consider this tent.  We didn’t have any wind so I don’t know how much it would have moved but when you switch positions or when you first get into the tent you do sway quite a bit.  The nylon straps are durable but very slippery.  If a person who was new to camping and unsure of their knots were to put this tent up..the chances of them falling in the night are pretty good.  Originally the tent came with clips for tie up…unfortunately it doesn’t now.

My final score: 9/10 – the instructions and nylon straps are what lost the point for me.

If you are interested in the Chrysalis Tent then visit your local Eureka Dealer or go to

~Enjoy your Trip!

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