Hey folks!

Parkbus is in need of a volunteer this Friday to Monday to cover my run that I was scheduled for.  You would meet at York Mills Station in Toronto at 6:40am on Friday and then head to Algonquin returning to the Toronto area by 6/6:30 Monday night.  As a volunteer you are responsible for pick ups at the three locations in Toronto as well as drop offs within the park on the way up.  On the way home you are responsible for the pickups in the park and drop offs in Toronto.  As well you will be administering a survey, answering questions, and raffling off prizes.  You need to book your own site…there are a few left at Kearney for sure (223 is my old site so I know it’s available) or you can take a chance and hope that a non-reserved site is available.

If you can do this trip please email Alex: alex@parkbus.ca



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