Park Helper Program in #AlgonquinPark

Have you driven down Hwy 60 and wondered what those Children’s Programs signs are all about?  Or maybe you’ve seen the buttons hanging in various locations around the park?  These are for the Park Helper Program.  This is a way for your child(ren) to learn about being environmentally responsible for the nature around them.

What exactly is the Park Helper Program?

This is a program that helps keep our campgrounds, beaches, and campsites clean.  Designed for kids, this program usually takes place 3 times per week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) at campgrounds and beaches through out the Hwy 60 corridor.  The locations are announced in the This Week In Algonquin Calendar that hangs on all the information bulletin boards in the campgrounds and museums.  Families can then take their kids to these locations and they help clean up the campground or beaches with others and the program leader for the day.

What does your child get after completing the program?

Your child(ren) will get a badge every time they complete one of the programs.  I think this year I saw 4(?) different ones for them to achieve.  They are the Clean Campsite, Clean Beaches, Clean Campground, and the Good Camper, which they receive after getting all the other badges.  The badges change every year but this is what they look like:


I have participated in this program numerous times and I have probably close to 10 sets of badges?  At one time they also had a bottle cap collector badge.  The badges that I posted are mine.  This program is a lot of fun!  It keeps the kids busy, gets them interacting with other kids, and helps them learn about keeping the park clean so that their kids can enjoy it in the future.

~Enjoy your trip!

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