Trip Report – June 21-23, Kearney Lake Campground


As far as trips go, this was probably one of the best.  It started off early but was worth every second!  I took the Parkbus up to Algonquin Outfitters from Toronto and met my dad.  You can see my review of the trip here.  We got to AO around 11am, which was fine because it still gave us most of the day to set up and do stuff.  After shopping around AO & Swift Canoe we headed out to our site.We had a great site right on the water.  For those who may want to camp there it’s site 129 at Kearney Lake.  We had the whole loop to ourselves pretty much.  There were a couple other people but they were far enough away that we didn’t hear them or even notice them.

1010240_10151700579521203_745319935_nWe were able to put in our canoe and paddle the lake that night.  The canoe we brought with us this time was our handmade Cedar Strip.  I love this canoe!  It travels swiftly down the lake and doesn’t take a ton of effort to portage.  The rest of the day was spent curled up in front of a campfire.  I ended up reading while in front of the fire.  The books I was reading was The Kane Choronicles!


1017101_10151700584021203_909136884_nSaturday was rainy so after breakfast we went out and looked for moose.  It’s like this big guy knew it was my birthday because he stuck around for a bit and let me get some good pictures.  Is that a smirk I see?  He was the only moose we saw all weekend….however we did see a ton of turkey’s running around.  I don’t know if I’ve just missed them in the past but I’m pretty sure I don’t remember that many turkey’s running around before.  We also did the Logging Museum and went into Whitney for a bit.

988604_10151700587061203_1685579377_nOn Sunday we packed up in the morning and then headed to do a hike.  I decided I wanted to do the Big Pines trail as it’s one of my favorites.  If you want to learn about the history of some of the logging in the park and see some of the tall pines then I highly suggest this trail!  Overall it was a great trip!  I love spending my birthday in the park for a couple of reasons.  One – its my favorite place to be.  Two – it’s always so quiet that week before school gets out that you can relax fully and truly enjoy the park without a lot of people around.

I’m going again July 26-29th for Logging Days and the Wakami Wailers.  As well I’m a Parkbus Ambassador for a few trips!  If you have the time off and want to come along I’d love to chat with you on the bus!  I’m doing 3 trips with Parkbus: August 5th – 9th (5th to the park, 9th home), August 16th – 19th (16th to the park, 19th home), and September 7th – 8th (7th to the park, 8th home).  I’d love to have my readers join me!  Both trips in August I’ll be staying at Kearney Lake.

~Enjoy your trip





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