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Over the course of the last few years I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding a large variety of topics.  This post is dedicated to your questions.

1.  Where in Algonquin can I get basic supplies?

If you are looking for the basics like bread and milk or condiments then you have a couple of options within the park.  You can go to the Two Rivers Store or the Portage Store.  If you are in the park for an extended stay then you can go to either Whitney on the east end or Dwight/Huntsville on the west end.

2.  Can I rent a bicycle in the park?

Yes you can!  You can rent a bike directly from the Two Rivers Store.  The store is located at the end of one branch of the bike trail which makes it easy to get to.

3.  Is the park open year round?

Yes!  If you wish to camp then you can camp at the Mew Lake Campground.  The campsites are first come first serve basis unless you wish to use a Yurt which you need to reserve.  You can use the interpretive trails and the backpacking trails.  The Visitor Center is also accessible during the winter.   Algonquin also has two ski trails that you can use.

4.  I camp by Parkbus is there a way to get around?

If you came by Parkbus and you are camping along the corridor you have very little options for getting around.  If you feel up to it you can bike along Hwy 60…be cautious however because the Hwy is very busy.  The other option is by calling a cab from Whitney.  Be prepared as this will cost you a lot of money.

5.  Best time to see wildlife?

A camper once asked a ranger (at my campsite) what time they let the wildlife out.  Without missing a beat the ranger looked at his watch and replied “Oh in about 5 minutes”.  The camper ran back to their car and took off.  Though the wildlife isn’t let out at a certain time, there are a few good times to see wildlife.  First is during the spring run off.  The wildlife is drawn to the side of the road for the salt from the roads.  Early Summer at dusk and dawn is another good time to see wildlife.  Most people go out for a drive at dusk while camping to “moose watch”.  The other good time to possibly see wildlife is the fall during the rutting season.  

6.  Are there restaurants located in the park?

The park has 6 restaurants located along Hwy 60:

  • Killarney Lodge – Lake of Two Rivers
  • Bartlett Lodge – Cache Lake
  • Portage Store – Canoe Lake
  • Arowhon Lodge – Joe Lake
  • Two Rivers Store – Between Mew Lake Campground and Two Rivers Campground 
  • Visitors Center – Across from Spruce Bog Boardwalk

7.  Is there any lodging available for those who may not be into camping but wish to enjoy the park?

If you aren’t into camping and want to stay somewhere with the comforts of home you have a few choices both in the park and outside the park:

  • Arowhon Lodge
  • Bartlett Lodge
  • Killarney Lodge
  • Couples Resort (Whitney)
  • Blue Spruce Resort (Oxtongue)
  • and many other options.

8.  Can I get a canoe rental at my campsite?

Yes.  The Portage Store offers rentals at all the campground beaches.  Check your beach bulletin board for the times.  As well Opeongo Outfitters (not affiliated with Algonquin Outfitters) will also deliver canoes to the campgrounds.

9.  Are there ATM’s located within the park or is there interac service.

Both!  There is an ATM at the Visitor Center and at Two Rivers Store.  The park also has Interac available.

10.  Is there internet or cell phone survice within the park?

Surprisingly the internet question is one of my more popular ones.  There is no wifi service within the park except in the Visitor’s Center.  There is however cell service.  The cell towers have about 3km of service so you may have really good service in one part of the park but then in another part you have a dead zone.  

11.  Are the beaches in the park patrolled by lifeguards?

No.  You swim at your own risk.

12.  How will I know there is a fireban?

You can check out the Friends of Algonquin Website ( as well here on my blog.  You can also follow the friends of Algonquin Park on Facebook.

13.  What are Radio-Free Zones?

Radio Free Zones are a section of a campground where radios and pets are not allowed.  You are allowed personal mp3 players or radios as longs as they have headphones.  

I hope these answer some of your questions as you think about booking your trip into the park!

~Enjoy your trip

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  1. Joanna T Willis says:

    Yeah! A month back, i had an amazing visit to the park with my fiance and we had really nice moments there :). Hiking was the most interesting activity we had there. It was the first time i did it. The climate was not that good but we were comfortable in one of the Algonquin eco lodge, Actually we were planning to spend in a lakeside inn but later changed the decision since staying inside the park will have easy access to the hiking trails. However, we were not able to cover the park but will go there again! Am longing for it!!

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