A Time to Heal

MowatAlgonquin is known as the wilderness playground.  It offers beautiful vista’s, picturesque lakes, and a chance to get away from it all.  Often explored by outdoorsmen and families it is a great get away.  But what about it’s ability to heal?  I’m not talking physical healing where you go and you’re cured of whatever ails you.  I’m talking more of emotional healing.

Over the last 4 years Algonquin has become my hiding and healing place.  When I lost my mom I immediately went into survival mode.  I had a family to care for and as the oldest I felt responsible.  When mother’s day came along I went to the one place that I felt whole…Algonquin.  Being one with nature, miles away from the everyday, in the serenity of that beautiful park gives you time to think and to reflect on things that you often can’t focus on in the busyness of life.

The thing about Algonquin is that you don’t have to go far into the interior to begin to feel the healing powers of the park.199_16528381202_4794_n  For me often all it takes is a hike up the Lookout Trail and sitting on top of the lookout to start to feel at ease and less anxious about life.  I always have a notebook, a camera and a pen with me.  That way when I need to I can write what I feel and help sort out what’s going on.  The other place f0r me to get away as weird as it sounds is on Canoe Lake.  The mysterious lake already hides a great mystery so I feel at home there.  Sometimes I climb up to the cairn…other times I go to the Joe Lake Dam.  The cairn is where Thomson often camped so I feel at home there.

My life may be in a bit of turmoil emotionally at times but I know that there’s a place out there where I can become whole again and have a different outlook on life…a positive one.  I hope that you can find a place or spot within the park that you can call yours to get away from everything and heal.

~Enjoy your trip


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