A Glimpse of What Was

Back in 1917, probably not much later in the year than this, Tom Thomson started making his last trek into Algonquin Park.  Back then there were no cell phones, internet, computers, voice mail, or even phone lines really.  There was just the regular mail and telegraphs in the park.  However something astonishing happened last year in the world of twitter.  Thomson emerged from the misty lakes of Canoe Lake and started tweeting.  He tweeted his thoughts, his art, but mostly a glimpse into his very private and unknown life.

Thomson tweets specifically about his last spring in Algonquin Park.  There have been a ton of followers and interest but whats captured and captivated me was the chance to interact with the famous Canadian artist.  As mentioned in a few of my posts lasts summer there are 7 possible fates that were wildly discussed in twitterverse.  These fates vary from murder by a few people to suicide and accidental drowning.  Joining Thomson in exploring the mystery is his lover and possible mother to his child (still speculated not yet proven) is Winnie Trainor.

Follow along as he and Winnie rise from the mist and engage us all in solving one of the greatest Canadian mysteries!  Also keep an eye on my site because as events within the Algonquin area come up I will post and advertise them as we celebrate 100 years of Thomson in the area.

To follow Tom and Winnie on twitter:

Tom Thomson Last Spring: @ttlastspring
Winnie Trainor: @winnietrainor

~Enjoy your Trip!

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